How to get rid of this and all my data removed from this service?


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  • $h4døw__Hunt3r

    It actually is legal because they did add a way to get your data on this account back
    And to delete/disable the account
    If something try searching for it using the search option here

    Next time CHECK before making ANY accusations on anything
    Last i checked fb is able to 'lock' you out of ur acc using the security check feature and yet no1 complains about that

  • Vesa

    I still cannot find a way tyo remove my data and delete my account from screen I get. Like this page am writing, there is many other links down in page but nothing to empty and delete my account. Disabling is not same thing but neither it exists..

  • $h4døw__Hunt3r

    If u mean deleting ur data off the support page then its impossible bc it is linked to your discord acc
    If now u can delete your discord acc through first option on ur user settings

  • kyoko

    this is not discord support nor a discord forum, if you want help, you should contact them at