How is there no threads on new Friendlist?


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  • Dakar2019

    Whatever he said :) i totaly agree on that.

  • Wraith

    new layout is disgusting.  Discord please at least give us a choice here to collapse the offline friends.

  • Bamse

    Update on current design... 
    They've taken out the horrible looking picture, with no activity in the activity section, and I personally think it looks perfectly fine now... 
    Now it's just to get the friends list back to normal... 


  • Demonfang Arun

    Agreed, this new design is crap. Changes for changes sake do nothing but anger people. This really needs rolled back to the way it was before this all started. Between this and longstanding bugs on the android app I question using discord anymore, as they don't seem to be listening.

  • somnomania 💤

    I've never even seen the Activity section until this thread. :|a But yeah, I hate all of these changes, and especially with no way to toggle any of them off.

  • Bamse

    Clicking on your friends get's you to direct messages with them again... 

    Thank you Discord...

    Current design is fine by me :)