Option for enabling legacy appearance.


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  • Mravec

    I personally don't see the motivation behind the changes. I agree with all of the problems OP talked about. As I commented in a different thread, the least there is to do, is to give new features an option to turn them off.

  • starbit | magic-gps

    my problem is that having the reactions show up when you mouse over a message is visually distracting and adds clutter. this is an accessibility issue as well as an aesthetic one as I know people who find that hard to manage

    also, having the home page show games friends are playing is extremely unhelpful for people who use discord for reasons other than gaming and it means that there's constantly a blank column taking up a third of the screen

  • Jeremy

    I agree with OP too, I also like few things about the update:
    1. now it shows the timestamp of each message when you hover over it.

    2. for annoucement channels you no longer see the alloying ("Publish") button which triggered me so many times.


    also..... the yellow color is pretty much invisible if you use light theme yu have to hover over it for it to show

  • William08172

    I'd even just be happy with them fixing the message spacing and shrinking the new GUI thing, however, a legacy version, including legacy light mode, would be the best solution.