Something no one seems to be talking about


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  • Lei The Second

    for some people who isn't happy with the update, maybe use the Discord beta app instead question mark

  • EricisFreaker

    I honestly am just mad that they removed the ability to copy link uploaded videos

  • ika

    you can still right click on the download button

  • Josephkhland

    The UI is quite cool. Also what you are complaining about, might actually be a good thing in some cases. For example, there are many times when you need to start a new paragraph when starting a new text message. That's very useful in announcement channels where you want some paragraphs to have a bit more space between them.
    It might look bad when you are sending a bunch of small messages, but then again it's better for big paragraphs in announcement channels or in channels where writers post their work.

  • laGPH0bia

    Your wife? Yea, if you're complaining about shit like this, I doubt you're married. Obviously you should type your sentences into a single message insead of splitting it into 3 messages.

  • Tarnation

    I like it way better like this, so do all my friends. It makes discord look much more modern and professional, and overall gives it a more pleasing look. Nitpicking small things like oh no!!! Line difference sizes!!! Is a thing you will almost never see in day to day use unless everyone you talk to talks in one word per message and writes an entire sentence.

  • RonJon SNN

    Yes, cancel your Nitro I’m sure they’ll miss you.

  • TheWinner

    Yeah the way I see it I think it's stupid to rant about small design changes like line difference (especially a small one). For me I am fine with that. And hell as far as I am aware this change is only on the desktop app not the mobile one (fell free to correct me if I am wrong)

  • BigBrain

    There are companies that release unfinished games with false advertisement and refuse refunds... And people cry about this FeelsBadMan

  • Ian

    Seriously? Are you 5? You're complaining are threatening to remove you and your wives nitro over a space that separates new messages. If you're separating your sentences into many messages you need to learn how to say everything at once. Even if you care to add on to what you're saying, they have this really nice edit message feature and you can add on that way. It simply helps people to tell the difference between new messages. A small space doesn't make something garbage, and certainly doesn't make it useless. By the way, complaining about such trivial things as an adult really makes you look like a kid. It's stupid and quite frankly just immature.

    Threatening to cancel you and your wife's subscription? 😹😹 I'm sure they could care less. You two will easily be replaced by others.

    What even is the problem with making new messages distinguished? If anything, it makes things easier.

    This post was very immature and shows the type of person you are. I really hope you went back and looked at your feedback. If you're actually an adult, it might be time to start acting like one.

  • Sotel

    Sounds like complaining for the sake of complaining

  • Karuby Envy

    @kriskotooBG Do you not see how overreactive and pissed these idiots are acting? They’re being immature and threatening to cancel their precious Nitro Subscription they’ve actively been paying for over a little change and ranting like 4 year olds. Your complaints aren’t as stupid which is good, but the way these people are acting isn’t their age. 

       You need to see the bright side of things instead of just complaining for the sake of attention and having people agree with you. I hope you’re not one of those people. They are literally just crying and having meltdowns and having toxic and hissy fits. If there are technical issues, it would be a better idea to just write a review on the app instead of screaming like you’re being murdered like these people are.

       Now that is it and I don’t want to have to make another infernal argument to this. Use the app as it is and wait for the developers to fix it. I’m so glad you’re not going to be as immature as these users.

  • blueyandicy

    Why is everyone getting mad over a valid concern? If you have OCD, this is something that comes up Alot. He's paying to support the service, and if the service does something as stupid as this, then it doesn't deserve his support. Stop spamming variations of hoes mad on this poor lad who's complaining about an admittley shitty UI change. Change isn't bad, literally no one complained about the better light mode, but if a change is bad let people complain about it. Jesus, white knights everywhere over a company that doesn't care about you.

  • SnowBowman

    This is the most stupid thing I saw in the last YEAR. Because the developers are helping everyone to differentiate between different messages you & your wife that you probably don't even have because your a kid want to cancel your Nitro? Because from now on your 30 messages rants about stuff are not flush? Oh no! That's disastrous! If you don't want a great & completely free messaging app named Discord. Go pay more then your "Nitro" for TeamSpeak, and Skype doesn't have messaging so you can't even rant with flush & soooooo professional messages.