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  • donovan_dmc

    The limit is to help clients loading them, I would take a good bet that they aren't raising them. How do you even get above 100, that seems like you're doing something abusive there.

  • donovan_dmc

    the limits are:
    Roles: 250* ****
    Channels: 500 ****
    Members: 250,000**
    Friends (includes current friends, and pending requests (both ways)): 1000

    Emojis: 100 (50 normal/50 animated)***

    * Managed roles (inviting bots and the booster role) bypass this, they still count, but for example: if a server has 250 roles, and a bot is invited with permissions, the server can now have 251 roles

    ** this limit is just the default, once servers reach here, they have to reach out to Discord to get it raised

    *** different for boosted servers:

    - Level 1: 200 total (100 normal/100 animated)
    - Level 2: 300 total (150 normal/150 animated)
    - Level 3: 500 total (250 normal/250 animated)

    **** names of these are 100 characters max

  • Smartguy88

    Also, I think that there is a channel (text, voice included?) limit of 50 per category, not sure about boosted servers or if it is just my computer/server. Trying to exceed that limit, the 'create channel' button does not react. It there a way around this (bar bots)?

  • marsman57

    I take pause at the suggestion that hitting the 500 channel limit is a sign of abuse. I think you are just not considering all the use cases of Discord in this instance. For example, I am in some movie groups on Discord and we create an individual channel to discuss each new wide release film as well as some limited films. This results in about 15-20 channel creations per month. Extrapolate that out and it becomes easy to hit the limit in the course of a couple of years.

    We just have to delete old movie channels largely,

  • OverKill

    marsman57 Hey man I'm also moderating a server that is a movie discussion group. I've created a bot that can archive your discussion channel and give you a text file which has the <timestamp> author: Message Content (URL) (Attachment URL) template. If you want to use it you can message me on discord and I can help you with it so you don't have to lose the discussions on the channel when you delete the channel. 


  • thebeard

    I help administrate a server for Kickstarter (only boardgames on Kickstarter) and we have struggled with the 500 channel limit for a long time.

    Saying something is a sign of abuse simply because you cannot imagine ever needing 500 channels is rather a ridiculous position to take.

    We also have to delete channels, sometimes making very tough decisions that impacts our community as they lose chat from over a long period of time.

  • Kathi

    We have the same problem with our Buddy Reading Server.

  • Mdbokie

    I personally agree with Marsman. I am in a textrpg server involving galactic travel and we also have several information based channels. Putting all that info in one place would clutter the channel with too much info, as well as introducing player made stuff into the mix is a recipe for some issues. Even a boost allowing an increased limit allowing for more channels to be created but not hidden or something when the boost runs out would be better than nothing.

  • Aristaeus

    I would love to get an increased server channel limit.

    I do a lot of roleplaying through Discord. This requires a bunch of regular channels, staff channels, information and lore channels and then all of the roleplaying channels, which tend to be quite a lot. I easily hit channel limits on these servers and I would love an increase.

  • 06000208

    I came across this post while theorizing and considering ideas for a potential discord bot. So, firstly, some justification: Regardless of how I go about making it, the bot would depend on presenting information to certain discord users privately when opted into by said users.

    I wanted to do this through discord itself, as requiring people to depend upon an external website dashboard for the bot decreases the likelihood of adoption and integration into people's workflows.

    It also didn't sit right to do this through direct messages; as a bot account mass direct messaging people (although always prompted by user input and tightly controlled) isn't ideal (even if it fits the purpose), and lacks control over notification level (some people may want to be pinged for these messages, while others not, while direct messages are always a ping)

    So the fix I came up with was using a centralized server owned by the bot account itself (bots can own servers if they create them, which does come with restrictions of it's own, but these were acceptable) where it would make a channel per user. This also preserved the desired privacy, as the bot owner (myself) wouldn't have role access to any of these channels, they would be one on one between each user and the bot.

    Obviously, having a total limit of channels per server puts a hard cap on that solution, or at least a hard cap towards the bot's potential user base. Which, admittedly, I'm fine with. I don't expect it to become something that ever gains traction. But it's still a looming problem, and one with something that would be hard to change down the line if it does.

    IMO, the ideal approach by discord would be to allow servers that opted into community to request limit increases to suit their needs. That would solve this and any other issue rooted in hard limits, but would create work for employees to approve or deny requests, which makes not opting for it understandable.

  • dino nuggie

    I agree with yall, I have a small server for Xbox achievements and we have a channel for every Xbox game with achievements, it’s impossible, literally

  • Officer_ Justino J.R.

    My server U.S Army Discord has reached its maximum members of 10, I
    would like to increase to 1000 maximum if possible so we can grow my Army.

  • Tikepo

    I'd like to renew the suggestion to increase the channel limit. Probably as requested non-default feature. Possibly as a pay feature. All of the above use cases are good reasons for increasing the limit. My case is a multi lingual server. Unless the limit is increased I will First have make all language sections spartan with fewer than ideal channels. Eventually that will run out and languages will be denied.

    If you agree with increasing the channel limit, please up vote both this and the first post on the thread.

  • Lesterskypillar

    We would like the channel limit to hit to 1,000 since I do RP and I want to expand the channel for each homes

  • MrCrayZGuy ☬

    Take it up to 1000!!


  • arifshakilarf

    I manage a Thesis server for my University. There are nearly 300 groups now each needing two channels at least (one text, one voice) ... How do you tackle this? Let me know if anyone thinks this is "abuse".

  • donovan_dmc

    That case is not abuse, obviously.
    No one has said the cases where this would help are abusive.
    The thing is, with human nature, if it can be abused, it WILL be abused.
    Raising the channel limit would very likely cause clients to lag when servers have thousands of channels to load (like back in the original days when you got over 70 servers, your client would lag to the point that it was unusable)
    I'd honestly be fine with this if it were a thing you contact support for, but not something any joe schmoe can get access to

  • thebeard

    I suggested originally that it be a paid for upgrade, and maybe not even a cheap one :) so yes, I agree... 

  • donovan_dmc

    We don't need even more pay walls, we already have enough

  • arifshakilarf

    -> Agreed. And about the lags, if that's the case.. definitely not a good idea to increase channel limit. I guess an alternate could be to sub-divide the large groups and create separate servers for each. Like for me, for the 300 groups, I divided it into three separate groups according to their levels.

  • unidentified

    I don't agree in the slightest that this is an abuse. You simply don't know the multiple functionalities of a group. I'm an admin in a napoleonic reenactment game faction, which has over 18 regiments containing a total of 2k people in game at once and 40k+ people in the discord server. Server cap has been an absolute pain as we're constantly having to remove channels to make space for more, specially as each regiment has a total of 12 channels per category to 7 minimum. I believe that a server of this size and already reaching the cap with over 300+ boosts should get more space and there should be an increment in the limit.

  • MEMZ.exe

    I agree with most of the people here. I have an archive server with which me and my friends store all the matches we ever played. We need a new server for the third time right now, will really help if the cap's increased

  • Where's the Drip?

    I agree with the others above, its just generally not that easy working with a server full of active people when you need multiple channels, be it for video games, movies, discussions about a topic or even roleplays.

    500 just isn't enough channels when your really trying to go in depth or need much more things added, the only alternwtive without a higher channel cap is recycling channels or just shoving a lot of things into one channel which results in each channel getting pretty crowded and less clean to look through.

    A channel cap of 1000 would be greatly appreciated, and it shouldn't be behind a paywall

  • vampalien123

    I have an RP server that has just reached the 500 channel cap. The RP requires enough channels to cover the Earth and beyond. I would appreciate the channel limit be increased to 1000 to allow for the growth of my server.

  • Castor

    I think for the time being you're better off using the new thread system, assuming it's here to stay. The huge grey blocks they have are a bit gonky when you're displaying them as lists, but it's better than being capped.

  • donovan_dmc

    Pretty sure threads count towards that limit, they are still channels

  • Tikepo

    Can language roles control access to threads? Can translation bots in global chat threads synchronize post from different language threads?

  • _nyan.cat_

    Feel like you should be able to maybe send in a request to make sure you aren't abusing channels and to increase the cap to maybe 750 or 1k and like a trusted member or something from discord could just look around and see, and you could tell if someone is sending in a lot of requests, possibly from the same ip, you could like mass reject

  • Ta'Veren

    Just ran into this on my gaming community server.

    I have a bunch of admin/community channels but most are for each boss encounter in an expansion I have a strategy channel where leadership can communicate and pin the current strategy and members can provide insight and discuss failures. Some expansions can have upwards of 40 boss encounters. I went to go standup the next, 8th, expansion's progression/boss channels and ran into the channel cap.

    Sounds like I'm going to have to delete a lot of strategy compilation history or something which is a shame...

  • Tikepo

    I am at the point where I may have to deny request for new language sections. But what is an acceptable way for decided which languages should be excluded? It's fair to be missing language sections that no one has requested. It is harsh practical reality that some requested language sections haven't yet been added due to the work in building them. It is discrimination to be unable to create sections for languages people speak and have requested.