Auto-Disable Unread Message Badge in Do Not Disturb Mode?


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  • TheMarkus1204

    There is an option in settings to disable it globally. So all that is needed is a toogle IF DND Mode is on, this is set.


    BUT not all Users - myself included - want that... Badges are nice so you can see WHAT is new... also in DND Mode there are no sounds. So everything is fine!

  • derFisch

    I'm bumping this, because I would also like this feature.

    WRT what TheMarkus1204 said, while that's a valid point, there's no reason something like this couldn't also be on a toggle. As it is, I need to remember to go into settings and toggle it back the way it was every time, which is just a little clunky.

  • Oldbie

    Agreed with Derfisch95. When I go "Do Not Disturb", I don't want to be disturbed by anything--even an unread badge. When I turn it off, then show me the unread count again.