New UI 2/4/2020 - If it ain't broke don't fix it - Keep it simple and clean like it was before


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  • jaguarnick

    I agree, this is way too cluttered. Please keep the minimalism and simplicity.

  • Bike Man

    The quote feature I think was a nice touch. However, they should have left it with that. The new UI is cramped and cluttered, and generally an eyesore. 

  • adueppen

    The biggest issue I see with it is that in compact mode messages aren't aligned horizontally anymore. When in a discussion with people with greatly varying username lengths it gets really difficult to read it

  • Did Your Mother ***A Snowman!?

    The quote feature is great but that came out in a prior update, the current update which came out yesterday or today is a step in the wrong direction; I've got no problems with any Discord updates prior to the 2/3-4/2020 UI update. I always have Discord running on my PC and I regret restarting it today for the update.

    EDIT: I will say I do like the timestamps off to the left of the messages but that's it.

  • Wraith

    I had no issues at all with Discord till a few days ago.  It wasn't broken and yet they felt compelled for some reason to "fix" things.  All I would like is the option at least to choose which UI version to use.  I'm getting  annoyed with their new features of UI and Chat...

  • Did Your Mother ***A Snowman!?

    Another thing, I really don't like how "blocked messages" are revealed now; before it was a simple and easy click of the entire one line message bar with the text "blocked message". Now the space you have to click on to reveal those messages is limited to the "show message" text within that bar, it's much less of a convenience to open and close those messages now.

  • Shake

    Bring back the line separating each message sender. Get rid of the quick emotes or whatever they are supposed to be.

  • XEqualsPenguin

    I can barely read messages anymore because of how close together all of them are. PLEASE revert this so that I can actually read what people are saying. The dark 'highlight' upon hovering doesn't make things easier, it just makes things more distracting. A conversation between two people in one of my servers where each message was only one line is basically unreadable because of how dense the text is. This is on cozy mode, by the way, not compact mode.

  • Carighan

    Agreed. It's unnecessary, and it makes a previously simple and useful UI that provided good UX be inferior to its direct predecessor. Both the background shading, the new spacing and the recommended reactions are just clutter that provide no meaningful benefit to a reader.


    Anyhow, nitro cancelled. It's still ongoing of course, but no more payments from me. Voting with my wallet and all.

  • Kreiri

    Floating emoji buttons are obnoxious. I use compact mode for a reason. I don't want random floating sh..tuff flickering in and out of view every time I move my mouse.

  • Tyr

    I've canceled my nitro subscription until the team stops making the UI worse and worse, every single update you guys find ways to make it more cluttered, uglier, more bloated, less functional, and with a larger cpu/ram footprint. You are the new Skype.

  • kalashniCola

    Have to agree with this whole comment section. The new stuff is just like... gross...? I guess you'd say?

    Dunno how to describe it, it just makes me feel kinda weird and uncomfortable, and I actually feel slightly nauseous having to look at the new sorta design, no exaggeration.

    Also, kinda sorta related, we should all collectively switch to using some really old and/or niche chat client until the people behind these updates change it back.

  • Lovv

    go back go back go back

  • Eisen

    I have got to agree. My server absolutely despises this update, and I'm inclined to say the same. Horrible readability is my biggest problem. It even looks worse in light mode, as one of our users who uses the damn thing shows. This update has been a complete disaster.

  • Xetaxheb

    Please just revert this, send it back to the labs for a few weeks, realize the chat ui changes are garbage and the emoji modal needs an appearance toggle to completely remove

  • Koopa

    Please, in the name of everything good and holy, change it back to the way it was before the update.

  • pseudo

    Discord is adding too many things lately; going from a very clean minimalist layout, to an extremely cluttered and overbloated mess. I'm not a fan of how the menus have been changing these last few months (extremely busy looking now), and every time Discord's designers mess with the chat it takes me a lot of time to force my eyes to adjust.

    I'm not entirely against some of the changes, I think it's cool to try new things, but this ain't it fam.

  • deefa

    Discord, please revert back to the old UI or have an option to turn off the new changes.


    It's really terrible having that floating mini-emote bar appear as it's really distracting. Worse, people in my Discord now feel obliged to use all three of their most used emotes on every single message. Suddenly I have a moderation issue.


    Whoever designed this new change needs a hard slap on the face. While you're at it, whoever approved this change, especially higher up managers, need twice as many slaps on the face. It's a terrible change and you know it.

  • Meow

    the people saying that they are stopping their nitro subscriptions, your loss... nobody cares about a few users that stop paying

  • SammyToesis

    Aesthetically unpleasing to look at, and disruptive to the flow of conversations. Highlighting messages causes eye strain, lack of line breaks makes distinguishing between passages of texts harder, the react menu is buggy and clips into text like a garry's mod ragdoll. Instability is still plaguing this app, and you've gone and pissed on a perfectly acceptable U.I. 

    What are you guys even doing??

  • Raissa

    I have always used the irc theme... until now. Discord fucked it up c o m p l e t e l y and forced me to start using the standard theme. Congratulations Discord, keep it up.

  • pinkpain

    Throwing my vote behind this. Honestly, I pity the graphic designers who were forced to make and approve this UI change headed no doubt by a clueless higher-up.

  • ͔Æ

    It looks like people threw monkey poop at it.

  • 𝓝𝓧𝟳

    Lets be real: the discord team will most likely ignore EVERYONE's opinion on this. not even bothering to look at the thousands upon thousands who voiced their displeasure on many sites. as well as those who likely haven't yet. They will wait for it to die down and pretend everyone cheered about it like "Yeaaaah! best update ever!". because they are a big company and they need not for any negative feedback.

  • BFG

    I can't speak for compact mode, but the normal mode is fine. It's definitely an improvement that the message you're trying to react to/bring up edit and moderation options on gets hilighted now, eliminating the need to follow the lateral space between the text and the UI element like a phonebook. That was honestly one of my big problems with it.
    I think the "three most used emotes" feature is unnecessary though. The rest is fine, and a lot of people seem to be overreacting to this. I also ABSOLUTELY CONTEST the idea that discord was ever minimalist. That is just ridiculous given that at least for the past 4 years the interface has been fairly busy.

  • Pascha

    New UI is trash. Actually it's worse than trash, because trash can be sifted through for anything remotely valuable, or you can choose to ignore it. This update is forced on you and comes as a package deal with zero redeeming qualities. It's baffling how consistently awful these UI updates are.

  • TomB

    Just updated to the latest version and I can't stand the changes. please either revert them or allow users the ability to turn them off.

    Discord used to feel like quality software designed for adults. this new update makes it feel like any one of a dozen worthless chat and messenger apps designed to keep easily distracted children focused on it.

    I use discord in a professional setting, and this is causing major issues.

    Again I'm sure there are people who like the new features, fine, put in an option to turn them off for us who preferred the old UI. id even be willing to just be able to chose to stay on an older version of discord pre this update to avoid them if that was the only option.

    I am not a nitro subscriber so i can't cancel my subscription to show how much i despise these changes, however i can say that while these changes are still in effect and unable to be turned off, i will never upgrade to a subscription for any reason.

  • Syd Knee

    So many people complained about this in such a short period of time, many different people have separately said they are cancelling nitro and I am doing the same.  I gift my partner nitro monthly, I have a subscription to nitro, and sometimes I'll gift it to friends just cause.  But until this UI update is reverted I'm not paying discord a penny.  There's nothing else I can say that hasn't already been said.

    The people have spoken, change the update.

  • maoman

    It's been almost a month and discord has updated multiple times and... nothing's changed.

    What a surprise.