We need accessibility settings. The new UI cements this.


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  • CoD511

    I have my own issues and prefer not to discuss them online, but this update has been hugely disruptive and made it extremely hard for me to read messages in a channel. I fully agree that we need a more complete set of accessibility options available; I'd personally prioritise separators being re-added as an accessibility option (since it was just removed and I'd hope with proper version control and development protocols in place, it wouldn't be too hard to revert at least) since it's nigh impossible for me to read chat quickly, easily or to able to rapidly tell who's saying what.

    I feel particularly strongly for those who suffer from dyslexia as I cannot begin to imagine their issues currently.

    A few different options could be a larger suite of accessibility options that allows the users to make their choice, an option to revert to a previous version of Discord (different update channels, as many smaller and larger software companies offer instead of forced ones), a complete reversion of the update until there's a place where all of the community can be comfortable with it.. though that leads back to accessibility options.

  • DontHateTheDot

    I absolutely agree here. The new UI was painful to look at and gave me a headache after about 5 minutes of using the desktop version of the application.

    I use compact mode due to my adhd making it very difficult to focus on thing where theres a large amount of clutter on the screen and thats exactly what this UI has forced upon me. I cant stand this update and have decided to pull my nitro subscription until they make their app usable again

  • Bike Man

    I think I can speak on behalf of those who don't have disabilities, and I must say that we feel the same way. There is an almost universal consensus on this issue: that it needs to be reverted, or have a toggle function added. I take online classes, so I am already using the computer for extended amounts of time each day. This update adds a lot of additional stress on my eyes, despite all of the other measures that I have taken to minimize this (windows dark settings, google docs dark mode chrome extension, et cetera). Considering that discord is one of my main forms of communication because of its accessibility on the computer, this is not helpful. Discord needs listen to what its users are saying if they want their users to say around.