Animated Emoji Boosted Server


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  • Fakebait

    Indeed, I'm in the same exact situation. I'm boosting my server and people ask why they see animated emoji and can't use them even with boost enabled. Animated emoji should be accessible in general chats on servers with boost and disable in private conversation.

    This can be a nice addon to servers.

  • rachael

    Can Discord please implement this change. I don't care if it's Tier 2 or Tier 3 boosting... Forcing all the members to get Nitro to use animated emojis within a server is just inconvenient and annoying. Would probably not subscribe to the service if it continues like this. 

  • ImJuanka (Ted)

    from this official Discord tweet.... Im to believe that anybody on a boosted server can post animated emojis within the boosted server.... but it definitely doesn't work. 

  • t3hsquirr3l

    Heya Discord devs, I am in a position where I was considering boosting my server. However, the issue brought up in this thread is making it unlikely that I will pay up. The benefits of a boosted server overall are rather disappointing for normal members. The ability to use a boosted servers animated emojis in that server only would be a fair addition, at level 1.

    A better trade would be fewer animated emoji slots at lvl 1, with more available at higher levels.

  • Marcward

    Same, I wanted to boost my server thinking that it will allow every member to use the animated emojis that I upload, gladly I did my research first and I didn't buy it only to realize it is not possible. Will deff buy in the future if this is added.

  • Taragaarn

    I spent weeks making emotes for a server with 12,000+ people in it, and when I found out that, because the emotes were animated, that less than 1% of the server members could use them, because of this, I was not happy at all. The benefits of nitro are very limited, and need significant improvement if you want more people to purchase it

  • Judah

    Simply stated, boosting a server to level 1 should open up that server's animated emoji for use on the THAT server by all members.

    Leveling a server grants other nitro-like privileges to non-nitro members within the server, and this should be one of them. 

  • JigglySackles

    100% what Judah said. Please allow animated emoji's at level 1 server boost.

    As an example. My friends and I have a small server for the 4 of us. We don't need anything from nitro or boosting in particular; the basics content us for the most part. But we often lament the emoji situation. None of us have need of the benefits of Nitro or Nitro Classic let alone all of us paying for it just so we can have animated emojis.

    If there was even just a separate $2-$5 Emoji Server Boost that only added animated emoji's and more emoji storage to the server; and if you really wanted to milk the Emoji Server Boost, limit the number of users it applies to to like 10 or something. We'd gladly jump on that and keep paying for it monthly. But with it being such a high barrier to entry now, we've just looked at maybe doing self-hosted alternatives like Element.

    99% of the time we are chatting. 1% of the time we use voice for a few rounds of a game in the evening. We aren't some big community or anything that takes up a ton of resource just some working-stiff gamers. Could you guys throw us a bone?