PLEASE stop changing the UI without giving us options


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  • hephaestus

    this. i have autism as well, and whilst this is very well designed for me and my use, i have noticed some of my other friends with cognitive or other such medical conditions struggling to use it! so please give us options to customize the UI, instead of just arbitrarily deciding what is best based off of singular criteria.

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  • Nathan

    I HATE the new Chat UI, it looks clunky and takes up why too much space and is distracting. the Reaction options should be in the OPTION button and not next to it. it is an eye sore and I want to revert back to the previous version NOW!

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  • Aceae

    I agree with the above. I would like the choose the features I like. I also do not like the way messages 'highlight' as my mouse moves across the screen. I would much rather not feel like I'm being forced to react with the messages on the screen. The former drop down to add reactions, pin, etc. was perfectly fine.

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  • MechaDeka

    Why tf did they add this stupid spacing between lines? Who wanted this?

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  • Nico Di Angelo

    The option between Cozy and Compact are basically no different now, Cozy no longer is cozy, and is almost as compact as compact is. I'm not saying remove it, but at least make both an option in the appearance menu.

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  • Ferna

    I agree. I loved the library. Why can this not be an OPTIONAL change. STOP limiting customizations!!!!!! EXPAND THEM. 100% disappointed.

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  • Chaos.Queen.Aeria

    Agreed.  You should know without a doubt that gamers LOVE free customization.  The fact that changes are made without even asking the discord community as a whole kinda gives me the vibe that your devs consider users thoughts are insignificant to Discord.

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  • Flicker

    I 100% agree with this, this is honestly getting ridiculous, they better be at least acknowledging what people are saying about this, this could seriously injure their reputation (more) if they ignore us and don’t do/say anything about it. It seems as though this UI change has disrupted and hurt more people than it has helped, the best option would be to make these changes optional to the user, if they do not plan on reverting these changes. What have you made a feedback page for if not for these types of situations Discord?

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