This discord web version skin COMPLETELY fixes the new UI!


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  • 𝓝𝓧𝟳

    This is great. the dev team claimed they couldn't change it back but some random dude did it in under a day? What the hell?

    So glad for this. im switching to the website version permanently now.

  • ⚡ Sparks T.⚡

    better discord has a theme for it on an unofficial library as well
    just google it, you'll find it. sort themes by date.

  • ry

    isnt betterdiscord against tos

  • qwqwewewep
    I'm autistic, tell me how it works? what to do how to return the old interface? I use discord in the browser
  • 𝑲̡̫̳


    Basically. you need the chrome stylish extension. and then you click the link and apply that skin for discord. its much better.

  • ⚡ Sparks T.⚡

    yeah it's against tos, but if discords gonna just flatout say "we cant revert the ui because code mumbo jumbo" when some dude made a reverting theme in less than a week, it's not our fault. it's not fair. :v

    because this just proves that "they cant revert it" is a flat lie. if some dude made a theme in 5 days, discord should be able to revert it as well. so until they fix their oopsie, they cant really blame us for using something else that fixes their problem.

    ntm a ton of people use better discord, so..