Active Now Bar


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  • BrazenChase

    I want to opt out of this "feature".


    It's already causing me problems. I had servers people didn't know about for hanging out with specific, smaller circles of friends. Those servers were kept private. Now, people are privy to them and it's caused a bunch of problems.

  • Richie

    opting out does not disable this function from your discord, which is what we really want: For Discord to NOT be gathering info like that in the first place!


  • TheMarkus1204

    Right! It does NOT disable this function BUT it will be a step in the right direction. Because IF you opt-out, no one will be able to see you there as Discrod will totaly ignore what you are doing!

    TBH: I don't expect the devs to roll back those changes as of a Twitter Post they made shortly after the Update! So, yeah... I at least want to have the option to decide being displayed there or not!

  • Reaper666735

    yes it would be a good thing to be able to hide this !

  • Trazel Apeally

    Sad to see there's still no option to hide this bar as of the recent update, would really like the ability to hide it as I don't use it and don't ever plan on using it. I don't care what my friends are playing when looking at my friends list, I'm there to message someone, and having this big vertical bar make me reach the half mile extra to click on the person I need to message from my second screen really impedes my response times.