Speaker Phone & Proximity Sensor


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  • sbksnl

    Same problem is here

  • JAKO

    I think the system is treating the Discord call as a normal phone call (coming from a SIM Card or whatever) that's why it's using the internal call speaker and blacking out the screen whenever the sensor is covered. I should also add that if the sensor is covered and I join a voice channel the screen will blackout and not turn on (because if I don't cover the sensor and join it'll just blackout whenever it's covered) so I have to lock and unlock my phone (With finger print only as the screen won't turn on) Leave the call and then will the sensor stop working. Hope everyone is doing ok with what's happening with Covid-19 and all the other stuff.

  • Yoshi501

    It's a proximity sensor or something with my phone if I cover the upper middle of my phone whole screen goes black

  • dab_joya

    Hey guys just turn on speaker phone instead of a phone call in the voice chat menu. This will not affect the proximity sensor and we can continue what we were doing .