Multiple Discord Accounts


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  • Gustavo luciano

    Cmon discord, multiples login in same app plz... youre awewsome.

  • Firegem

    I like DuBeUs' idea. A way you could impliment that could be op's add account option. Associate each account with a different notification color.

  • iamguy


    Really like the tab idea from Erudian:

  • Twisted_Code

    @Moon (I have no idea if that's going to ping the right moon. There were too many)

    I think most of the screenshots here were spoofed to "demonstrate" what it should look like, and anyone trying to pass one of them as real is just lying. I am in the same boat as you: latest update, don't see it.

    I guess there's always the other option: run all accounts at once using virtual machines? Since they don't seem to care to give an easy switching option.

    edit: yeah that didn't ping. I kind of wish it had pinged ALL the moons just out of spite for having similar-and-extremely-short names >:-)

  • BoomerFNG

    After 184 posts over 2 years - just in this community - I guess there's little use saying that I too would appreciate the ability to have more than one account on Discord.

    Might have to wait until a competitor hits the market.

  • C4J3

    I'm 99.999999999% sure it's in closed beta rn.

  • BoomerFNG

    C4J3 - Sure hope you're right, it's been long awaited!

    I'll keep hoping for that missing 0.000000001% then.   :)

  • mpkossen

    There we go:

    Only limited to a few accounts right now, but let's hope they give it to all Nitro members first.

  • InfinityDash

    I just checked and I have it now. Finally!! This is THE main feature that was missing that was keeping me from using Discord much. 

    But they still need to add it to the mobile app. In fact it's probably MORE important on the mobile app than on Desktop. (Like how you can have multiple Gmail accounts in the Gmail app, and still get notifications for all of them at once.) Please don't make us wait years more for that...

  • Malygris

    I've got access to the beta feature on PC and it works really well. Super-simple too, as it should be: Click your icon in the bottom-left corner of the Discord client, hover on the "Switch Accounts" in the pop-up menu, and then pick which account you want. (Once they're set up through the "Manage Accounts" option, naturally.) There's nothing else to be done, and account switching is virtually immediate. Very nicely implemented.

  • ZMYaro

    Thank you so much to the developers who worked to add this feature!  It works great for me on desktop, and I look forward to it coming to mobile!

  • CreativeGamer03

    Thank you Discord devs for the feature we've been waiting for. Finally I can just use the client instead of opening another browser tab for logging into my alt.

    Also nice icon used. The UNO reverse card lmao.

  • Rageeth

    This feature would work a heck of a lot better if they didn't still restrict verification phone numbers to a single account.

    I've got 2FA through Authenticator anyway, but instead of asking for that, it's always a cell phone number they want.

    Every time I want to swap between my professional and personal accounts, it keeps asking for a verification phone number and won't accept land lines (work) or Google voice. So my ONE cell phone gets unbound from the account I'm switching off of, and bound to the account I'm switching to. Then back. 10s of a times a day. Snip snap snip snap snip.

  • JaʊierKasunic

    I recently unsuscribed from this thread, growing tired of seeing emails of people wanting the feature but never seeing it take form after two years, and today I open Discord on Edge which to my surprise had a pop-up signaling to the new switch accounts feature. I can just find it hilarious that it happened after I finally gave up on the feature being implemented.


    In an unrelated note, I do agree with the above user, the phone verification being tied to one account is a pain in the butt, I got to buy two different sim cards due to this and guilds which make phone verification mandatory

  • Timtim4

    There are so many requests for this! I would love to see it.

    I was using multiple browsers for a while, but have been using Wavebox ( recently

  • JDJG

    they finally added it on desktop.