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  • solene

    + The report option doesn’t even work for me, on the mobile version you have a “report” option but when I click on it it looks like it’s loading but nothing happens. Is it not completely developed yet ?

    I think that being able to report is really important here. Discord is a really big app with a lot of users, meaning that the chances that illegal things and etc have more chances of happening. Recently I was in a situation where admins were the ones acting in a wrong way (racial slurs against members etc) but it was impossible for me to report anything.

  • Brøkēñ Ãgáīñ Ñīçè

    429355304359165972 is promoting suicide,bullying and promoting self harm


  • Voidina

    Yup, same way here, in one of my servers I have a pedophile and I cannot report them.

  • Prunebane

    I've been looking for a Report Button sort of request, this sort-of fits the purpose. Posting here to prevent a duplicate request.

    It'd be much more convenient if we didn't have to go through developer mode (!) to report a person or message as breaching ToS - f.e. impersonation; there is a scam running through Discord about being partnered with Twitch and giving away free nitro or twitch games, you only have to join a server.

    As the OP posted, it'd be nice to have this report save the information (ideally the entire message and user ID) automatically.

    Thank you.

  • LottaSpice
  • haha

    Is it not fully developed on iOS? Because I need to report someone for harassing my friend

  • haha

    It’s only available on computer I think rn

  • alastor🖤


    Spamming. He's 11 and inapropiate language. sry for bad english. he's id 700591556482170921

  • Θutcͥคsͣtͫ

    Um There is a user called Distort Has Valorant#8216 that is bullying and harassing me for no reason

  • Explosión de Vainilla

    Hi Discord!

    Please report this user: Moonlight#8842

    She calls me a murderer and wishes the death of my family.

    Thank u!

  • Dokkaebi

    This person tried to send me her nudes when the first thing i texted her was “hi!” Just look for yourself.

  • The Ted

    Yolo, use to report those pedos, and Always use them smd sites like them

  • Is

    User is : CrashJPS | User ID : 699638621052993536

    This user on discord somehow knows my private information I have never told him, for example, my name. I have blocked him although I do not feel secure yet.. please do something about this. I am not sure how he got access to my private information on which I have never told him about.

  • Yduh
    11 yaşında kurallara uymuyor discord 13 yaş kuralı 783621375319474216 adı poyraz yaşı 11
  • Prettykitty0505

    There's a person on Discord and he is a child predator, he has done this to me, and his user is @BAMASETH#7372 I can't deal with him anymore, he has went after one if my friends and I don't know how to stop him because they will not listen to me after I tell them multiple times, he has done this to my 2 sisters and me and 1 of my closest friends, he has been acting like a girl or a guy and lieing about his age just so we could date him and i know it sounds strange but it's true

  • xXFireXx

    A guy in a server I just joined, Joker's Grin#6292, just posted this.

  • Tabbie Richard

    The Information you shared above is great. I have been reading all you shared here. In this you explained everything very well. If i want any further guideline we will contact you here

  • Christopher A. Olson

    However I think it should also be a feature if you're NOT an admin on a server, because admins aren't always the quickest, or sometimes admins are the ones breaking said rules. chinese food buffet near    

  • Wade Rehbein

    It's indeed a positive step forward to see the implementation of a more comprehensive in-app reporting system. This enhancement can significantly aid in maintaining a healthy and respectful environment within Discord communities. Sending a screenshot of the reported message to Discord, especially for cases where the message may be deleted before action can be taken, can help ensure accountability and deterrence.

    However, your point about extending this feature to non-admin users is valid. Not all servers have proactive or responsive administrators, and sometimes, administrators themselves may be in violation of the rules. Allowing regular users to report violations can help address issues more promptly and ensure a fair and equitable process.

    Moreover, your suggestion for archived or screenshotted messages in support tickets is crucial, particularly for cases where autodelete bots or rapid message deletion obscure the evidence. This would provide Discord support with the necessary context and evidence to address reported violations effectively.

    Incorporating such features would not only enhance user experience but also contribute to fostering safer and more compliant communities on Discord. On a related note, if you're encountering any issues with manga content, ensuring a robust reporting mechanism can similarly help address violations and maintain a positive environment for all users.

  • yolo💔

    Two people keep on trying to grab my friends ip address and send her selfies to pedophiles. The numbers to those two are 743654493077372939 and 743657342792368159 , they are also doing the same thing on instagram as well which is a whole other story of them making fun of my friends weight.