Notification Volume Slider


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  • Sylvanus

    I also need this, it gets more and more urgent each day. I have to mute and unmute groups all the time because of this. Please Discord, this doesn't seem very complicated compared to things like Go Live.

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  • Voraga

    I have had to disable all notifications because of the need to have separate volume levels, (which it does in windows Volume Mixer, but the notifications sets the discord volume on the computer on reboot, meaning I have to up the volume for the main voice process again every day.) Please give us a way to protect our ears from your notifications without straight up turning them off.


    A simple slider that gives us access to the control already built into discord that saves the volume levels would be amazing.



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  • Fizzys

    Please, I need this. My notification volume resets to 100% on windows everytime I connect and disconnect my headset. I'm tired of having to figure out which of the 2 identical volume sliders is the notification one in my windows volume mixer everytime.

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