Unable to stream Netflix


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  • luke

    This is done on purpose. It's called DRM, google it

  • ryan.

    "netflix won't let me commit piracy help me it's unfair"

  • Kalvin

    Peoples, stop answer things like this, are you cop? that's not your job. I'm sorry to teach you that all countries does not have the same laws. It exists countries where streaming is legal (using other ways to pay authors).

  • abomination

    So how do I suppose to bypass the DRM?

  • Morke Wazorski

    did you ever figure this out?


  • Flux

    What fixed it for me is going into your web browser settings and turning off hardware acceleration.

  • GenerallyTyler

    Seriously with the mean comments. This was touted as an option for people so excuse them for being confused by most of the services being blacked out by Discord sharing. Calling it piracy is ridiculous. Unless they're using a hacked account, it would be no different than having people over to watch Netflix/Hulu/etc. in the living room on the couch.

  • NannerSamich

    Turning off the hardware acceleration finally worked. Thank you Flux.

  • pi0

    Or use chrome on linux LOL


  • BubbleFairy4

    I can confirm what Flux said resolved the issue for me.

    Don't know about you all but I'm using Chrome and it seems to affect anything browser-based, even games. This is a setting pretty much all web browsers have anymore. Most turn it on automatically when you first download the browser. Sometimes it'll even turn it on after updating them.

    Just in case anyone isn't sure how to find it, here's where you go:

    Click on the 3 dots to the top right-hand corner of the browser window, beside your little icon, and click on "Settings".
    Once there, type into the search bar "acceleration". It'll bring up the option you need to turn off. After you turn it off a button beside it will pop up asking to 'relaunch'. Clicking it will close out Chrome and reopen all the windows you previously had open with the setting turned off.


    After that, you should be good to go. At most you may have to close out the stream and re-launch it, but it should work fine from there.

  • Naaael

    You're such a genius, thanks man!

  • snow ❄

    You are a lifesaver.

  • Tan Jian yan

    Absoluuuuuuuteeeeeeeee beastt mann. Much LOVES !! it worksssssssssss.

  • owen.stz


  • Slaxta

    literally signed into here just to say thank you so much Flux, this worked for me!

  • KΛYLΛBƧ™ ®

    THX Flux <3

  • SeaFieryWater

    It still hasn't worked for me :( idk if I'm doing it wrong but I'm pretty sure I followed all the steps