My voice works but "mic test" doesn't do anything


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  • Armchair_Allstar

    Same issue but I can't hear anyone.  Discord notification sounds work fine so it's not a physical problem.  Also the website works fine.  I deleted the local and roaming data folders and re-installed and it didn't fix but it also logged me back in automatically which makes me think their is hidden user data somewhere else too.

    Edit:  Reset audio settings or manually selecting output device doesn't fix either.

  • Engravr

    I had the same experience with the "Let's Check" button. It does not seem to do anything and the instructions are not clear. I hope someone notices your post.

  • Convention

    This has happened to me too.And I have no idea what to do now.

  • Tmt


    if you wish to do the mic test, here's one of the best tool I've found -

    Thank me later ;)