Give us the option at least


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  • ChristIceman

    I agree I have to hit a chat, swipe twice just to close the DM, and in server I have to swipe constantly to switch in between and look at whom online, you can't close DMS by holding the picture of the person, you have to open it up, swipe twice then Hit the three dots and then close it.

    Not only that you have to select a sever, then a channel then you have to swipe to get into the chat like wtf.

    It is time consuming and really repetitive and uncomfortable

  • TheSuperGamer20578

    I also used it alot until this update and this is also my first time on the support site i use a tablet so all i see this do is make it purely phone optimized and i could see it giving some people headaches i am just using the web version now because that is alot better than the mobile version

  • Versus

    I opened another thread myself, hopefully we can get their attention. It's really tiring to look at this UI.

  • Sam Austria Maxis

    I really dislike the UI. I'd like an option to use the old one or have the new one completely removed.