Please revert the Android UI update!


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  • Shadow_8472

    I found an article why they think it's a good idea.

    It did little for my inability to use the app due to how several intended features trigger my mental disabilities.


    I did at least get in touch with a support representative, so I know human eyeballs have at least gotten a summary of our plight without a totally copy-paste response inviting us to come here and ÷÷vent÷÷ provide feedback.

    I have great respect for anyone who has to deal with angry people all day and can still be cheerful to the best person in line.

  • Cyberdragon

    "Was this article helpful?"


  • Supersonic2022

    Dude these tabs are just... They don't feel like they should feel. Like I'm a 15 y/o kid with High-Functioning Autism and ADHD, and yet with this new UI, it just makes Discord feel wrong to me.
    The first time I saw it I immediately recognized it as the iOS version of Discord and started to freak out since it was kind of like something I did not want to ever see again

  • Supersonic2022

    Also I see exactly what you mean Shadow_8472

  • Obscura

    This update is terrible. It is physically painful for me to use Discord now.

    The autohiding everything forces you to navigate more to do anything. Went to view the server/channel list but want to keep up with the current channel? No can do, have to keep clicking back and forth, cause we totally faded out the channel while you are looking at the server/channel lists.

    Status is also all the way on another corner now from where it was, so yes click on the top left to pull up the menus and then the bottom right. Perfect when on a Tablet with a 10.5" screen.

    Everything was in the same area before making for easy navigation and limited movements that made things convenient for those who have physical disabilities.

    Please let me roll this back or fix it. This hurts.

  • Kemonomimi ◿¹₩²◺

    chat ui is disgusting too. I literally clicked camera when im in toilet..

  • not klug

    I agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I've started the hashtag #NotMyPlaceToTalk. Please spread awareness of this initiative—to make Discord’s mobile app usable, fast, and accessible again.

  • pokemon618

    Yeah! As an autistic user, the new AI has been bothering me ever since I got the beta test build. It looks horrendous, and its hard to navigate. The navigation bar feels out of place, and the old version of discord's UI was actually helpful. This just feels like they wanted a slim design, and it hurts my eyes to look at.