Focusrite mics buzz/crackle


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  • FreshPancakes!

    Find any fix for this? This is a problem for me too. I'm using the Focusrite Scarlett 18i8.

  • LucidLou

    I am also having this issue. PLEASE HELP!!!


  • nelly

    It's a client-side issue, so changing the server region does not fix it. You can hear the crackling through the mic test in Discord settings. I hope this gets fixed, the crackling is really annoying, as it doesn't happen in any other application.

  • LucidLou

    Okay! So i have found something that fixes this for me! If you go into your Focusrite settings, you can adjust the sample rate and buffer size. I changed these to 48khz for the sample rate. And I put the buffer size at 16. So far so good!

  • Lord Fettuccine

    Reducing the buffer size seems to help a bit. No clue what the root cause is. 

  • blargg

    I am also having this same issue with my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8. I have not found a solution despite:


    Changing ASIO buffer in the Focusrite settings, and using different sample rates/bit depth

    Using legacy audio subsystem versus standard in Discord's audio settings

    Disabling the voice processing effects (echo cancellation, noise reduction, automatic gain control)

    Disabling QoS packet prioritzation


    This sounds like an incompatibility with Discord transcoding the raw audio format from the USB interface into a the Opus voice codec. The problem is intermittent but frequent, and very irritating.


    Hopefully discord dev team can find a solution.

  • Cireelim

    I don't even understand why that would help to reduce the buffersize to a minimum? This should be fixed without us users have to MacGyver the shit out of this... Anyone at Discord that can recognize this issue and maybe tell us if it's up for review?

  • MoonMp


  • Cireelim

    So! I might have a solution for this. This has solved my issues with crackling and bad sound on Discord!

    I just changed "Subsystem for audio" (under Voice settings in Discord) from "Standard" to "Legacy" :)

    My friends tell me now that I have no issues with my mic on Discord.

    Hope that it solves your issues as well!

    AND! I have not changed anything in windows settings or on my audio interface (Focusrtite Scarlett 4i4 3rd gen).

    BUT I updated Focusrite Controll to before switching settings from Standard to Legacy!

  • McMcLog

    I have the same issue with the 2i2 and the 2i4. I reinstalled the Focusrite driver recently and it was fixed for the moment. But after restarting my pc again, the issue was back. I can not resign with reinstalling the driver every time. And maybe it was because the sample rate was set down after reinstalling...

  • kongming819

    Setting the buffer size down to 16 or 32 worked for me. Makes no sense.

    I should add that this was an issue on Zoom too, not just Discord. Setting it to 16/32 fixed it for both of them. That squarely puts the issue on Scarlett. MAKES NO SENSE but here we are.

  • Yeurik

    Haven't had long lasting luck with any solutions but after changing bitrate in ASIO in other programs like EZDrummer my audio in Discord will be nice and clear like it should be and is in other programs. Then a handful of minutes later it's back to snap, crackle, pop.

    I'll add that I'm experiencing this now because my USB Yeti sound was super overblown and peaking, but only in Discord. The Yeti sounded clear everywhere else, my SM57 sounds clear in all non Discord apps. Confused and hoping the PC audio pipeline gets a rework in the future.

  • konmad

    Where on the Focusrite controller is there a way to reduce buffer size?

  • Deoxy

    This issue is happening to me as well.... I've found I can resolve it sometimes by disconnecting/reconnecting, but there should be a fix on Discord's end....

  • KADEit

    I have a mad issue with this as well and it's seriously killing me. It's so awkward when co-streaming and it totally ruins other streamers VODs. It started happening for me only in the recent weeks. I've tried to change the settings for the focusrite (I have the original 2i2 as well) and it's not working. Tried most of the other fixes I have seen as well, except keeping the sound settings open, which honestly is crazy that we should be forced to do regardless just to make this work. My OBS recordings have no crackling at all. So far for me it's only on Discord. So far I have NOT had this issue on Zoom yet but I might need to try again to see if that's changed the last few days.

  • McMcLog

    I found a solution that works fine for me by now. Maybe you can try it out. (The video is not captured by my, I  just found it randomly):

    Best greetings

  • reze

    Still having this issue, no fixes have worked. Been having this issue for well over a year.

  • Sandros Maximus
    This is the fix that worked for me, one simple setting in Discord


  • Charlie Pereiro

    Official answer on Focusrite web - I'm gettins clicks, pops or distortion using Discord /Zoom/Teamspeak or VoIP app on Windows:

  • dethgrind666

    thank you charlie!! that fixed my issue.. 


    Literally none of these fixes have worked for me. I've been having this issue for almost two years.

  • Ztratoz

    Hello again, 

    For me the Sollution was to Reduce the Sample Rate to 48000 Khz and Buffersize to 256
    This completly removed any issues i had with discord and mic sounds issues

    Thing is that discord does not support 192k hz quality and you have no need what so ever to go higher than 48khz for discord use :)

  • I have the same problem, for me it starts when I start screensharing, particularly when I stream applications

  • Matthew

    I have the same problem. The fix in task manager helped with crackling in my microhone for others. But my sound starts to glitch as soon as I start to screenshare. I don't know what is the problem, but I am not able to fix it.

  • Zorro

    Bringing down the buffer rate to 32 or 16 helps a lot. Been using this method for a week now and 0 issue with the annoying cracking sound that you would get during calls etc. I used to restart my discord everytime i had this issue but since i decreased the buffer rate it pretty much elimated my issue. Give it a try!! I use the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen.

  • Austin ツ

    I've tried everything and i cannot get this to work, please someone help me.

  • •ᴮᴬᴰʙᴏʏ 『Ertagon』

    Get the focusrite drivers form their official website.

    Set the sample rate to 48000.

    Set the buffer size to 192 (or lower if you have a fast CPU) if you are using it for VOIP then 192 should be fine.

  • Albanjo

    Can we actually get an update from Discord instead of having arbitrary solutions?

  • Kris Clemson

    I've been having this problem as well. What say you Discord?

  • poodlelord

    Hey discord? 2 years and there's not even a word from anyone here :( please get this fixed?