Android tablet support


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  • almostsuspense

    That can't be really possible, each version has a different UI due to the OS its on, and as a tablet user myself I find the UI pretty cool, without a need to be remade, again.

  • Oppa Is Here

    Please reduce the number of swiping actions for tablet users. They are quite annoying. Especially  during calls. Spotify has done a really good job redesigning their UI for tablet users! Please do the same!

  • dood shut up kanan mine

    Everytime I want to call I have to use discord app version because the web browser is stuck at 'RTC Connecting or something' and its a pretty big hassle to use this on chromebooks. I also have an android tablet and same goes for that too.

    Please fix this.

  • almostsuspense

    Contact for that. This is the feedback site, not a support place

  • shah

    Sure, for a tablet-oriented UI resembling the iPad version of Discord, focus on larger touch-friendly buttons, streamlined navigation, and optimized layout for the tablet screen. Prioritize key features, chat functionality, and voice channels for an intuitive user experience. Use swipe gestures and responsive design to ensure smooth interaction and adaptability to various tablet sizes.