Make blocked messages actually blocked


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  • Asherett

    And let us block people without removing them as friend (and thus closing off DMs). That's just silly.

  • Sammy

    I don't agree with that one, why would you block someone if you still want them as a friend(?) and still talk to them? The idea of blocking is to remove them, what function would blocking have if you can still friend them and talk to them

  • Asherett

    Why would you block someone you've friended? For two reasons: First, well, simply because you might want to block someone for a short time, but need to appear open while doing so. When you de-friend you close the possibility of DMs across servers too. I have a friend that frequently rants on about topics I'd very much prefer not to see at all, but I can't block him because then I'd have to re-friend the person to send DMs. And then comes the second reason: When you de-friend someone via block, you pretty directly TELL them that you've blocked them (you disappear from their friend list, and they can't message you across servers). And you certainly tell them that something has happened if you re-send a friend invite when you remove the block.

    In cases of serious harassment and dangerous people this is doubly important. If they already know who you are, you really don't want to TELL them that you've blocked them. And if you've already friended someone, it's likely they know a bit about you.

    A true block should be completely silent and completely invisible to the blocked person. You shouldn't see them, and they shouldn't be informed that you're blocking. Also, it should be completely independent of other functions like the "friend" function.

    And then, ideally, we should also have a "mute me to this person" function, where they can't see anything that you say, a reverse block.