Welcome Screen always appears when starting Discord on Android App


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  • DigitalMatt

    Yes. Just joined a server and this is now happening to me too.

    The new server's welcome screen appears:

    (a) Whenever I start the discord app,

    (b) Whenever I switch away, then back to the Discord app

    (c) Whenever I view the "pinned" messages on any other Discord server

    I am *this close* to removing myself from that server to keep this from happening over, and over, and over, and over again.

  • gremdel

    It did go away for me. I think it was after I used the PC discord app. But that might have been a coincidence.

  • BamWeasel

    This happened to me in one server a few weeks ago. I ended up just leaving it. Now it's happening again in another server. I'd leave it, too, but if I have to leave every server with a welcome screen, I'd be more limited in what servers I can join. I don't like that idea.

  • not_chrake

    This happened to me too. It keeps popping up if I change applications or even check settings. It is only happening on 1 server so far but it's really annoying.

  • EmperorSal

    For me it fixed when I closed it out of recent apps. :)