Revert the image 'Upload a file' thing; revert double-click thing


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  • mouse-keyboard

    Agreed, this does absolutely nothing except add a small inconvenience to uploading a file

  • gakusangi

    The fact that all this does is require an extra click to do what you want to do leads me to suspect that this is a feature added for mobile users who accidentally clicking the "upload file" button or something.  It's totally pointless.  Adding an additional click is so counter to web and software design principles that I'm surprised that it ever got added in the first place.  Literally few clicks = optimization, and convenience for users, it's not a difficult concept to wrap your head around.

  • Trihunter

    This feels like it's supposed to have another option there, but there just isn't one. If this turns out to be an implementation of another redundant way to access gifs, stickers and emoji clogging up the chatbar, I'd be upset.

  • somnomania 💤

    I'm glad it's not just me. And I agree with Trihunter, if there were a second function that button performed I might be able to understand it, but as it stands right now it just adds an unnecessary second click.

  • [GSCH] Kitty Mauge 🐱

    This, or at least allow us to make it a toggle for the change, to help the mobile users, please!!

  • STL

    Make that a double click is totally pointless, seriously, if I misclick on that I'd rather my second click on the cancel. Is discord hiring post-MS staff?

  • AstraTheDragon

    The reasoning for this change eludes me, the purpose mystifies me, and the fact it's not opt-in astounds me. Its absence from change logs seems particularly strange given that file uploading is considered such a core feature that greyed fake images are included in filler when chats load.

    I would much prefer to be able to opt-out of this feature. It doesn't destroy the experience, but it constantly feels like a step has been taken out from beneath oneself to encounter, and a step backwards in design (even if slight) that cannot be user-remedied.