Animated Banners for Nitro and non for free


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  • !HyperBrightness

    yes true ! :)

  • Seaweed

    This only makes sense, to be honest. Look at this way, the common denominator of Nitro upgrades on a user level is: Still image > Animated image. Like I said, it only makes sense to allow Nitroless users to use still images as banners. I know a lot of people are against this because "Well Discord is free and their service works so therefore you shouldn't ask anything of them", but come on, Discord's a multimillion dollar company, they are literally planning on making a movie starring Danny DeVito, surely they can AT LEAST let us set a still image as a banner for free. A 10 dollar jpeg isn't worth it.

  • Kouki

    Well, this would be a big jump as not ALL Nitro users have it. Only people with Nitro Gaming/ The $10 nitro have it. Classic users don't even have access to this stuff. Though I think that the reason Discord is doing this is to set Nitro users apart from Non-Subscribed users to get them to pay money of course. I think a good idea is to let non-paying users be able to pick from a variety of different still images provided by discord, while allowing ALL Nitro subscribers (So classic users, too) be able to use animated images and such. If not, at least letting Classic users use a still image of their choice. But like I said before not even all nitro subscribers have access to the banners, so who knows?