Split Create Thread and Join Threads into seperate permissions


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  • Lala Sabathil

    It is splitted
    You need both use thread and create message to create a thread
    But if you have only have use thread you only can join but not create

  • Tudi20

    What this means more like is, it should rather be "Manage Channels" instead of "Send messages" in some cases. Thus completly splitting Join Public Threads and Create Public Threads would be a good idea.

    For Example: In a support channel I might want everyone to be able to send a message and talk in their support ticket thread, but only staff being able to create a thread out of the messages that request support.

  • Ruby

    It's really unintuitive to take away the 'Use Threads' permission to stop people from creating threads in channels they can send messages. The way it's currently wired will probably take every admin at least 5 minutes to understand how the permission works, assuming they even look at how it's documented.

  • The Egg

    The way it is worded is already causing massive amounts of confusion. I have had multiple people try to tell me the perms work in ways they do not - I know how they actually work because I have tested it, but it's confusing people because it's not intuitive. I myself was quite confused to see people without the "Use thread" perm making threads. As it is now, too, it will make large servers with thousands of people insanely busy and people will definitely make spammy threads and there is no way to stop them without completely removing message perms.

    tl;dr the basic problem is that create threads is tied to send messages, imo. But ideally splitting them makes the most sense.

  • Gardevoir

    It would be a great feature :D

  • justastranger

    Threads permissions are still really confusing. In order to stop somebody from creating threads, you need to take away their permissions to send *any* messages?? Why is the permission for sending messages even part of the equation for creating a thread? It seriously needs to be split into a "create threads" and "participate in threads" permissions.