Nitro is too expensive.


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  • clout

    if you can’t afford nitro, you don’t need nitro.

  • Aes

    I agree, nitro should be more accessible to everyone. A messaging service's percs and not worth the price that it is at right now.

    Sure, nitro isn't necessary, but users want to support platform and get its exclusive nitro features, just for a price that is affordable.

  • Fire John

    Yes, I agree you but nitro have good things that will worth your money when you buy. Only nitro's price should be less expensive than now.

  • WS

    sim o nitro devia ser mais barato para todos os países

  • letsCode

    In my opinion (and i am no nitro user) nitro's price is "okay". Of course not everyone is able to buy it due to local infrastructure, but discord has to pay taxes for their income and lowering the price doesn't mean less work for the staff... They have to get paid somehow. Let's say they cut the price in half but only one third more buys it. They would still lose alot of money. Changing the prices based on the location would make everyone use a VPN to get these prices as well. I don't want to say "No. When you can't afford it, it is your problem." at all. Discord spends alot of time fixing bugs, adding updates, adding features to nitro gaming users only._. . There is alot going on there and many humans do a very good job as developers, etc. . 

  • WS
    security is very poor I've been hacked several times by discord
  • ! Benne ★

    obvio que tem que ser caro, como eles vão ganhar dinheiro ? ;-;

    por que o discord n contem anuncios nem nada do tipo


  • Nodus

    Hi Cyfrowy Baron,

    I do not think the discord nitro price will be being lowered anytime in the near future, Discord Nitro is the way discord makes its money, the reason the prices might be "'High" is because of the amount of amazing people that work at discord to make the experience better for all their users. I am a discord Nitro User and I have been for about a year or so and the prices have not had that big of a change. Therefor I do not think it will be changing any time soon.


  • Cyfrowy Baron

    I don't need nitro for anything. I use Discord without Nitro and it is OK. If it cost less though, I would probably buy a yearly subscription out of sheer vanity.