Nitro accessibility problem


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  • clout

    what the hell are you talking about, since when is the whole crypto community against LGBTQ+ and disabled persons?? there are actual arguments against Ethereum and NFT, why do you have to make up this bullshit???

  • Tinh1000000

    Hello, I'm talking about the craptocommunity behind that Discord has endorsed. Unless you're deep in that mind of that community and will refuse to understand, you already know how much primarily cisgender men make up the demographics there. I doubt you haven't yet seen how much bigotry the craptocommunity gives to us (hint: a lot), so I'm not going to debate any further about this

  • Bubbles

    clout , If you'd like a more specific answer: Cryptocurrency, combined with NFTs, is very much a "rich man's currency" in the fact that it creates false scarcity and demand. Because of this, all it accomplishes is to further separate those who are already in a place of privilege from those who are already underrepresented and discriminated against, including (but not limited to) those with disabilities and the people of the LGBTQ+ community. This disconnect only serves to make their situations worse by aggravating already-present issues. 

    In addition, there are also the concerns about the environment that it brings up. Those are less related to the people listed above, but still a concern to both be aware of and responsible for on both an individual level and a high-end business level like Discord's.