walkie-talkie (conversation between several channels)


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  • AANG

    In english

    Good day. I am a user of your service AANG # 1337 and I want to offer you my idea. The idea itself is that some voice channels can be linked to each other Example ::: I am sitting in PD1 and my partner is in PD2 (Both channels are voice) when I press a certain button, I tell all the participants who follow in other voice channels That is, Usually I speak only with those who are on my channel, and when you click on the button, other channels that are tied to my channel will also hear me. I hope that you understand me and in the near future you will approve this proposal, thank you for your attention and all the best


    Realy good idea

  • Meckle

    This is called Whisper, and has been suggested tons of times with no response. 

  • AANG

    if you want what was the answer. first you need to propose and vote for him. because every voice is significant and I do not speak between the entire server, but only a few channels, which number would be configurable