Discord on Linux wont launch until updated


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  • mrbigmouth502

    I ended up fixing this on my system by downloading the PKGBUILD using ABS (in my case, I used "yay -G discord"), changing the pkgver in the PKGBUILD to 0.0.17, setting all the SHA512SUMS to 'SKIP', then running "makepkg -si" so that it'd grab the tarball for the latest version and install it.

    It's not an ideal fix, but at least it got Discord running on my system again.

    I don't think the fault here lies with Discord themselves, but rather with whoever's maintaining the discord package in Arch's community repos.

  • Sutherman

    Again horrible day with discord fully blocking my dev-Team with Update-Forcing Dialoge !! :(

    BUT... I've found a solution,

    please see: StackOverflow and up-vote it there.