We need more tools to deal with Bot Raids


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  • DefiDebauchery

    I strongly echo these sentiments. Not only do these bot raids eat up precious moderator time and subject lesser-experienced users to harmful activity, they also impact server stats, like retention, making it impossible to participate or remain in many of Discord's programs. As a tangible example, I am unable to join Discord's "Server Admin" guild because banning these bots push down our retention stats.

    In any case, in addition to OPs list, one of the single-most impactful things Discord could do would be to change DM gating from simply "same server" to "common channel". There's no reason why a brand new, unverified user should be able to send a DM to someone who they do not yet share a channel with. Verified users are simply passing user data to these new bots, which can spam with abandon.

    Additionally, Discord really needs to provide access to User Bios from the API. Many bots have stopped using obvious names and simply mention "Moderator" in their user bio, which currently skirts automated checking.

    Thirdly, allow another option for Pruning for 1 hour, or at least 1 day. 7 is way too long for most larger servers to have un-roled users.

    Whatever path Discord takes, it needs to do *something*.

  • Cool idiot

    You need to leave Discord for helping The World. Go outside and get a life