Romanian Nitro Price


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  • razvaneroare

    Yeah, I mean, $10 is very expensive in our country (Romania). I only find reasonable the Nitro Classic, which is $5, but it doesn't offer much for that money, which anyway is expensive too.

  • LucaH

    Sounds fair to me, I also live in Romania and find the Nitro prices quite expensive. I have a lot of friends that use Discord here in Romania and they all seem to completely agree with this.

    The normal Nitro prices should be at around 20 RON or 4.16 US$ and for Classic Nitro it should be 10 RON or 2.08 US$.

    I'm just giving some examples but either way some sort of localized price for Romanian Discord users would be nice because 50 RON is quite a lot for most of us.

  • Uga

    i agree, im from Romania too