Assigning roles/Managing roles


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  • Queenie


    You are absolutely right, they can't mess with roles above their own but the role will give them the ability to make a new role and give it admin perms and give to another person 

    I found a way around that for now, although it would be through the use of manual commands, you can use a bot such as carl bot if your familiar,

    make a new role and call it whatever you want , go to click your server and go to (commands) click (roles) scroll to role tab and click settings cog ⚙️ where it says "bypass discord permission requirements" click and insert role that you made for assigning roles and click save, and now that role will override permissions for that certain command,

    If you type carl docs in Google it will give you a link to all documentation and commands, my server prefix is (?) So command to assign role would be example:

    ?role @user#0000 role assigner