Swipe right from left edge of screen to go back
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-11 1 條評論
Get notified on answers
-12 0 條評論
Add friends by username
-12 1 條評論
Don't show connections that are already connected
-12 2 條評論
app similar to messenger for discord
-12 7 條評論
-12 1 條評論
iOS Alternate App Icon for Nitro Users
-12 0 條評論
Swipe to remove a entire role for permissions from a channel
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Custom Options
-12 0 條評論
Invites are Not Working, Saying that it's Invalid/Expired. 已回覆
-13 3 條評論
I do not have any gif audio on my iPad 已回覆
-13 1 條評論
Discord for iPhone emulation
-13 1 條評論
Drop support of Android Jelly Bean and KitKat
-14 1 條評論
switch to dark mode automatically for screenshots so people stop making fun of me
-14 6 條評論
a icon besides the username to see if the dms are for friends or anyone
-14 1 條評論
Voice Chat Through Media Stream (see Details)
-14 5 條評論
change back to the old online, idle and dnd mode pictures
-15 0 條評論
Nitro Account Badge
-15 2 條評論
make the create invite button more darker
-15 0 條評論
Using Discord as a SMS app
-19 1 條評論
The "idle" status on mobile needs a redesign 未計劃
-19 5 條評論
remove shadow from android app icon
-21 0 條評論
Location Sharing
-23 6 條評論
Log in to discord easier by using just the username.
-38 11 條評論
early supporter badge for the people who do not have nitro
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