Discord keeps setting it's priority to low 已回覆
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Be able to mute another persons screenshare, without actually muting the person 已回覆
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Rajouter une possibiliter de "Poke" les gens 已回覆
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Move Messages 已回覆
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Live Polls 已回覆
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Nicknaming Friends outside servers 已回覆
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please add friend types 已回覆
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Kann man blockierte user finden und entblocken (wenn man nicht mit der person auf einem server ist) 已回覆
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[BUG REPORT] Payments List problem 已回覆
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My discord wont come on for my PC but works on my edge 已回覆
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Dauerhafter Absturz von Discord. 已回覆
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Cant open discord, already 4th time 已回覆
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discord when minimize 已回覆
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Discord'u indiremiyorum. 已回覆
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Краш игры во время стрима 已回覆
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Talk to an agent? 已回覆
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cant open discord anymore. 已回覆
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Вопрос 已回覆
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Discord Doesn't Re-connect online. What path is this going to take? 已回覆
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My go live is so dark 已回覆
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I can no longer Install discord on my computer 已回覆
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using the desktop client and its trying to update 已回覆
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Discord Zendesk Help Center Suggestion 已回覆
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add a display color option to a role 已回覆
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The voice chat won't connect to headphones 已回覆
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What's up with this new font (on support.discordapp)? 已回覆
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my discord sound is disable to someone else 已回覆
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ad a dark theme to the feedback page 已回覆
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Emojis won't upload even though they're under 256kB and the server has not reached max emojis 已回覆
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