New UI Triggering Migraines
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it was fine and simple befor, now it's downright terrible and complicated
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new mobile update
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New mobile UI update affects my vision
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New UI icons are harder to read and completely unnecessary
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New Dark Mode (among other things)
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New UI
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New UI is absolutely terrible and incredibly inaccessible.
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Allow using Midnight Dark in Automatic theme (Mobile)
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Painful to Read
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User interface on mobile needs to be changed back.
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New UI cannot swipe right to see user lists on server.
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Give us an option to revert the ui changes
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New icons are terrible
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Change the mute/deafen icons back ASAP
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New UI is not user friendly
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New mobile update is bad
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New UI
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Visual contrast inaccessibility with new UI
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Server channels with threads are no longer visible
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Symbol disparity issue: oversimplification of Reaction causes confusion
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User list constantly moving near the bottom for large servers
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change the gui on phone and pc back
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Recent Mobile Update
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Option to get pinged for your name in messenges
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New image webp compression makes it impossible to discern details on small images
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the new profile animations make the app less accessible.
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Notification, who left or joined the current voice channel
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