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Recursion 的最新活動
  • Recursion 已評論,

    I will mention (as one of the original purveyors of this thread) that I brought this up with Discord Support on Twitter a little while back and they said they've pushed it up the chain, but it's li...

  • Recursion 已評論,

    I did some research on this issue -- along with verified games, Discord thought it'd be cute to give users 'Verified tools' under the same system/name. It's genuinely annoying. I see the appeal to ...

  • Recursion 已評論,

    I understand why Scrivener is a verified 'game' (tool) on Discord, but holy hell -- I leave it open all the time because when I'm not playing d&d, I'm planning for d&d, and I use Scrivener as my ma...