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ServerAdmin 的最新活動
  • ServerAdmin 已評論,

    Just to reinforce, this is not hard for a bot to do. In a popular (Python based) bot architecture, Red, it would be done thus:async def listener(self, message):    if'||.+||',

  • ServerAdmin 已建立貼文,

    Allow flagging of embeds as spoiler

    Like the title says, a way to tag an embed as a spoiler for click-to-displayness.I've seen website previews already do this when you spoil a URL, so it is possible.

  • ServerAdmin 已評論,

    Sounds like a great idea, but you could also write/pay someone to write a bot to do this already. :) 

  • ServerAdmin 已評論,

    Just have your moderator bot delete messages with spoilers in them unless the person has a particular role (stopgap).I have a bot do the same thing for links to other discord servers.

  • ServerAdmin 已評論,

    You need to be a bit more clear.Do you want bots to be able to DM at all (this is already possible)Or do you want a way to make bots only DM people and never spam channels (this is up to the bot ma...