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  • Add the ability to see all Markdown text on iOS

    As it currently stands, most (if not all) iOS users cannot see the full formatting of text that is in bold and italics. It only shows as bold. So if I type ***this***, it'll show up as this on iOS,...

  • Improved Twitch Integration

    It would be nice if we could have the purple Twitch streaming dot even when not using OBS. I'm using my PS4 to stream to Twitch and my icon didn't turn purple even though I'm streaming. It'd be nic...

  • Add the option to replace an emoji.

    I added a temporary emoji until i could find a transparent version and didn't want to wipe the reactions that used said emoji so now i have a slot basically wasted. Yeah, I know it sounds a little ...

  • Ability to use bold AND italics at the SAME TIME on iOS

    On Apple devices, the Discord app cannot show text like this that is both bold and italics. I want this to change; I would like to be able to see on my phone when someone makes text that is in both...