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ThaJakester 的最新活動
  • ThaJakester 已評論,

    @a dedede amiibo, Even on desktop, when i open in browser and download the image, its a much smaller, lossier file than before i uploaded it :(

  • ThaJakester 已評論,

    This NEEDS to be addressed. I may just discontinue my Nitro subscription as well. I actually thought Discord didn't compress images. I only realized this was a thing recently, hence, my coming to t...

  • ThaJakester 已建立貼文,

    Give ability to turn off the store/library tabs while keeping the activity tab

    As of this post, you can only hide the new store/library tabs by going into:User Settings > App Settings > Appearance > Advanced > Show Games TabWhile this does turn off the store/library tabs, unf...