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DriftRacer14 的最新活動
  • DriftRacer14 已評論,

    Yes, please! ^w^Maybe custom colors just because? XD

  • DriftRacer14 已評論,

    Duplicate of https://support.discordapp.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360049082672-In-game-fps-counter based on post date.Still upvoting both of them, though.

  • DriftRacer14 已評論,

    I came here to suggest exactly this.While loading up a browser window to go to feedback.discordapp.com or support.discordapp.com may seem trivial, even nanoseconds can feel like an eternity for a g...

  • DriftRacer14 已評論,

    With Zoom starting to look like a stovetop hot dog when it comes to their shady practices, sooner rather than later would be a very opportunistic time for Discord to jump on the business bandwagon....

  • DriftRacer14 已建立貼文,

    Back to Basics Mode

    Put simply, an option to load Discord in a stripped-down, basic HTML and/or ARPANET mode. This mode would be designed to load on even the world's worst connection, cramming as much raw information ...

  • DriftRacer14 已評論,

    @Nicholas mentioned tooltips that would reveal the actual link on hover, although he used different phrasing and may have had a different meaning than what I got out of it.For a 'social media/VoIP'...

  • DriftRacer14 已評論,

    Issue: Storage. I could see keeping up to the past 25 or 32 absolute tops, but storing images does eventually eat up disk space. More reasonable would be like 8 - 16. Maybe Nitro users could get do...

  • DriftRacer14 已評論,

    Somewhat related: a way to view a larger version of profile pics/server badges. Too dang tiny; can't make them out half the time.