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Bartek 的最新活動
  • Bartek 已評論,

    Welp, looks like they're not gonna do anything. So annoying cuz this is so useful

  • Bartek 已評論,

    Same, i saw some people complaining about it. Could you add an option to toggle it instead of deleting it completely?

  • Bartek 已評論,

    This used to be a thing, but it got removed. I used it a lot and not having it is frustrating. Can you add it back application wide but let people turn it off if they need to in settings?

  • Bartek 已評論,

    I think this actually got disabled, can you create an option to bring it back? I used it all the time. You could add it to the keybind menu.

  • Bartek 已評論,

    This is older and has more upvotes: I actually need this desperately, it would...

  • Bartek 已評論,

    This is definitely the feature which i would benefit the most from, i would use it constantly.

  • Bartek 已評論,

    I was about to post a new thread until i noticed this one, this is my take: it would be very useful if you would temporarily mute a channel, server or even all of discord for a certain amount of ti...

  • Bartek 已建立貼文,

    Channel shortcuts

    It would be unbelievably useful to have home screen shortcuts to channels, where if I tapped on a shortcut I've made, it would open that channel on discord.