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Ghost95 的最新活動
  • Ghost95 已評論,

    You know, I get it. Discord's a free app. The devs work hard. That little nitro button isn't as bad as the ads on stuff like youtube and the worst of skype. And sure, they could make it a paid serv...

  • Ghost95 已評論,

    Pushing it like this gives off a "desperate" vibe. It's really not a good look. I thought Discord wanted to be better than Skype, not worse.

  • Ghost95 已評論,

    It looks awful, and a lot of people think so. I wish they'd just revert it back, or make it optional or something. This is just not ok. Discord is supposed to be trying to be better than Skype, not...

  • Ghost95 已評論,

    I agree, and a lot of people do. But... do the devs even listen to these things?