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  • TomProductions 已評論,

    I feel like it would be hard to do this.  Baring in mind it would take ages. But honestly great idea.  As other ideas it may be confusing to connect or confusing on how it works but honestly they s...

  • TomProductions 已評論,

    This is already a feature for admins.  You can set it so the user can't see the channel.  But, it would be good to leave and join channels. It would also be confusing for people if they had to join...

  • TomProductions 已建立貼文,

    What to do if your server is hacked!

    If your server gets hacked, and for example turned into a Free Nitro Scam server.  Report it to discord immediately! You must email them via: I recommend do not post it here ...

  • TomProductions 已評論,

    Okay, your server got "ahced"  I assume your a child. But at this point I don't care.  Baring in mind we cant see the message.  Also, you do NOT report this to the authorities due to this is an iss...

  • TomProductions 已評論,

    Hmm. Try refunding the payment and then paying it out again if possible. If not email support: