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  • totally not true btw, there are 2 free boosts per nitro, so $75 30 boosts for level 3, 2 boosts per Nitro user. That's 15 Nitro users paying 10$ each.

  • second of all, the minimum price to boost a server  is $150 if 15 people get nitro, which also gives them perks Other than the "server"-wide perks, they just get additional emojis and some custom...

  • The way server boosts work though is that it's a way to support a server No they don't. A free "server" doesn't need support, and those running the "server" don't get anything from their "server"...

  • I already do. I just really like how well Discord works and would love to use it. It’s a shame they’re this greedy company. The worst part of all this is that Discord is basically the standard for ...

  • Over all both sides have great points. No, they don't. The prices (and especially features) of boosted servers are ridiculous. I can, as a private individual, rent a vps that would be able to sup...