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Elsbeard 的最新活動
  • Elsbeard 已評論,

    What I want is for a way to stop having sticker suggestions when I try to manually enter an emote. It's so cluttered and I'd really like the ability to opt out, I've almost used stickers on acciden...

  • Elsbeard 已建立貼文,

    Double click upload is inconvenient

    Why do I need to double click the upload button? It's really very obnoxious. It's just the same thing with extra steps. If I really didn't want to upload something, I'll just close the popup window...

  • Elsbeard 已評論,

    This really is obnoxious. I'm a nitro subscriber, but I don't want the stickers, and they're clogging up my emoji suggestions. Please add the ability to at LEAST disable sticker suggestions. It's s...