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  • VMLomo 已評論,

    Benari Pro Thank you! I followed the instructions on the link you provided, but I had to add Eva on a few more locations on the registry (I also had to add it to WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Speech_OneCor...

  • VMLomo 已評論,

    Benari Pro Thank you! This worked for me. EDIT: Ok so after a bit more testing this registry workaround is a bit more wonky than expected. Note that I only tested with Microsoft voices and not cust...

  • VMLomo 已評論,

    When you do share the workaround, please paste export a reg file and paste the text contents here so we can just create a reg file of our own and apply it, for example: Windows Registry Editor Vers...

  • VMLomo 已評論,

    Chiming in to say I started having this issue starting today as well. TTS Voice changed to George (previously Zira) When I opened my TTS settings (old and new), it was set to George, and there was...