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Rikka 的最新活動
  • Rikka 已建立貼文,

    Screenshare ruined

    PLEASE give us an option to revert both chat UI and roll back the screenshare update. I cannot multitask by seeing videos and chatting at the same time anymore. Even fullscreen is cluttered and not...

  • Rikka 已評論,

    Upvoting this. It's much easier to just hit the huge bar instead of aiming for the small circle.

  • Rikka 已評論,

    It clutters up SO much and overall looks awful. Please make it optional in settings. Discord hardly listens to feedback and it's annoying.

  • Rikka 已評論,

    It's so bad that I even had to zoom out the entire app to feel like the text was more readable.

  • Rikka 已建立貼文,

    Revert friend list from bold

    Please. My friend list looks awful with the bold font. It was way better before. I also liked it when the gif and emoji icons on the chat bar were darker. At least let us stylize Discord how we'd l...