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Kreezxil 的最新活動
  • Kreezxil 已評論,

    Like how when Minecraft implemented the Redstone mod back in 1.4.7, that really killed mod development didn't it? I think this would free up bot development to do better things.

  • Kreezxil 已建立貼文,

    Ping roles above users

    While ping roles on my server, every time, the members come up first. I would like an option on my server(s) to make roles be on top of users. This would be ideal solution to this.

  • Kreezxil 已評論,

    this would kill a lot of bots, i like it. 

  • Kreezxil 已評論,

    There's another option that hardly anyone has considered. BetterDiscord also known as Bandaged Discord which has support for 79 plugins now to force Discord to be more likable by you.  https://bett...

  • Kreezxil 已建立貼文,

    images/downloads open and don't save on Linux

    On Windows when you right click on an image, there is an option save it, in addition to "copy link/open link". On Windows for attachments, you can save the attachment vs opening it outright. On Lin...